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The Spray-Port™ is an auxiliary hook-up without hose storage. Spray-Port™ is the only product on the market that places a high pressure, concentrated water spray within fast, easy reach yet requires so little space. Spray-Port™ makes short work of rinsing gear, cleaning fish, washing boats or vehicles, dousing campfires and many other chores that ‘shower unit’ type sprayers can’t handle.

Small and simple, it measures only 4″deep and requires only a 2 3/4″round installation hole.

The Spray-Port™ can also be utilized, with or without a cover, in baggage compartments and/or under the hood of large motorized RV’s. For maximum versatility, place a Spray-Away™ storage unit on one side of the RV and a Spray-Port™ hook-up on the other side.

Available in a Bright White, Black, or Grey hatch color.

Note: A Coil Hose (not included – sold separately) required to connect to this product. Or a Brass-Quick Connect Adapter (sold separately) is required to attach a garden hose to this product.

Coil Hose Product Page
Brass Quick Connect Adapter

Product Literature
Installation Sheet
Trouble Shooting Guide/Service Issues

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Black, Bright White, Grey

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