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EternaPrime – 14oz aerosol spray can. 

EternaPrime® is an adhesive and surface conditioner intended to aid adhesion of EternaBond® MicroSealant tapes, or other non-MicroSealant tapes such as butyl tapes and other self adhesive seaming tapes.  

Use EternaPrime® when surfaces to be bonded are very dirty, dusty or oxidized and cannot easily be completely cleaned. EternaPrime® will prepare the surface by coalescing all loose particles into a solid platform for the EternaBond® tape to adhere to.

EternaPrime® allows EternaBond® MicroSealant® tapes to be installed in temperatures from below 40 ºF to as low as -20ºF (-29ºC). EternaPrime® also prepares most contaminated surfaces for tape application.
Not recommended for use on PVC roofing.

Information and instruction sheet
EternaPrime MSDS

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10.5 in

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